Title Defects

What are title defects?

The title to a property is your claim to ownership of that property. A title defect is a potential problem with that claim. 


Imagine, for instance, that you purchase your dream home. You’ve moved in, decorated, and are living happily. Out of the blue, you receive a legal notice informing you that your new home doesn’t actually belong to you because a will has been discovered that left the home to someone other than the person from whom you purchased the home. Or a notice informing you that a lien exists on your new home. Even though you had nothing to do with that lien, it is attached to your property, which means it is now your responsibility. These are precisely the types of situations against which title insurance protects you. 

How do they happen?

Title defects like this can occur in a number of ways. These can include, but are not limited to, records errors, liens, forgery, inheritance issues, and more. 

Common Types of Title Defects

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